Thanks for a great kickoff!

Dotty with supporters


Dotty speaking at the kickoff

We officially kicked off our campaign Monday evening in Lincoln Park! It was a beautiful evening, and we had a great turnout. We had live music by the amazing Kyng Andros-Irie from our local farmers’ market, along with bubbles and root beer floats for the kids. We heard kind words of support for our campaign from former Tracy City Councilman Steve Abercrombie, Tracy's Fourth of July Parade favorite Terry Donaldson (aka “Sparkles the Clown”), and Vecky Elliott, community organizer in Tracy. And most importantly, we had a chance to talk with each other about what matters most to the people of Tracy. Thanks to everyone who came out to join us.


People from Tracy wrote down top issues The vision I laid out for the city is straightforward: put the people first. Put people above corporate interests and above special interests. See that our residents’ needs are met: housing, jobs, medical care, and quality of life. That means fighting for better local jobs so people have more time with their families instead of spending time in traffic. That means protecting our natural resources, especially water. And that means having a dias full of Council Members who commit to work together for the people of Tracy. I, for one, commit to be that voice for you on City Council.


Now that the campaign is launched, our campaign is kicking into high gear. Here are four easy ways for you to show your support.

  • Sign up for emails. If you received this email, you may already be signed up, so forward it to your friends in Tracy. If you received this email from a friend, sign up here to get our future campaign updates.
  • Follow Dotty on social media. Following and “liking” posts are a great way to help your friends see Dotty’s messages. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Get involved. Let us know how you’d like to volunteer. There are all sorts of ways to pitch in, including hosting events, canvassing, calling, and office help too.
  • Contribute or raise funds. Fundraising is the key aspect to helping Dotty get the word out. Flyers, mailers, websites, and canvassing data all cost money, and Dotty's team is committed to help her raise the funds needed to run a competitive race here in Tracy.


Government at all levels is about people power. Having people represent people. I’m thrilled to be running, and honored to have the support of people like you. We have work to do in Tracy, and together we will get it done.


Thanks for your support,

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